A Christmas song and a warm, fuzzy hug

Every year on my blog I’ve had a Christmas post with a song for people to enjoy. My two favourite Christmas carols are here and here, but I posted those early; last year, I went with the Muppets, because you can’t go wrong with Beaker and Animal. (Note: Beaker may not agree.)

I don’t write this post every year for the views. Goodness knows, on Christmas Day most people aren’t reading my little blog. Partly, I write it because traditions are good. My family has Christmas traditions, and even though I’d describe myself as somewhere between agnostic and atheist, I still really love them. They remind me of sleepy summer afternoons after too much food; the sweetness of overloaded pavlova; the crinkle of bright paper.

I also write the post because I know some people don’t have anywhere to go, anyone to be with, on Christmas Day, and maybe my random blatherings and a song will make them feel less lonely. I get a taste of this every second year, when my son is with his father for Christmas. I will see my boy on Boxing Day, and I will still see my parents today … so it could be worse. But I miss my son and his enthusiasm and cuddles.

One more day to go.

This year has been huge. I thought last year was huge — my debut came out in October 2014 — but this year was huger. I released two books with TMP. TMP then closed down just as I was about to self-publish Lucid Dreaming … so I released that, then re-released two of the three books I’d released with TMP. (The third one will hopefully be done before the end of February.)

I’d take it as a kindness if next year is slightly less huge. Or, if it really must be huge, let it be in such a way that I can quit my dayjob to manage the hugeness. 😉

To everyone who has supported me throughout the year: Kim with her beta reading and design, Lauren and Jennifer with their editing, Stacey with her beta reading; my family, for their support and somewhat baffled enthusiasm; my friends for their enthusiasm and endless coffee. You guys are the best.

And to anyone who has read one of my books, or pimped them on social media, or left me a review (or some combination thereof) … may your holidays be bright and full of crinkling paper.

Warm and fuzzy hugs. (And an a cappella carol by … the Brady Bunch, I think?) xo

2 Comments on “A Christmas song and a warm, fuzzy hug”

  1. Merry Christmas, lovely lady. I have my fingers crossed for the one where it’s quit your day job huge!

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