About me

I’m a mother, author, editor and geek. I live in Canberra, Australia’s bush capital, with my son and two Cairn Terriers. I have a serious coffee addiction and a tattoo of a cat — despite being allergic to cats. I’ve loved to read since primary school, when the library was my refuge, and love many genres — although urban fantasy is my favourite. When I’m not reading or writing, I engage in geekery, from Doctor Who to AD&D. Because who said you need to grow up?

My latest release, RHEIA, came out in October 2018.

I live in Canberra, Australia, and therefore my day job is as a public servant. But I feel very lucky because I get to edit things. I’m addicted to coffee.

I love almost anything by Joss Whedon or the Doctor Who team. And I have a soft spot for Castle, because Nathan Fillion. Other than that, I don’t tend to watch TV. I always mean to, and there are some shows that I enjoy if I remember to watch them (including True Blood, Once Upon a Time and Sherlock) but … well, I never do!

You can also find me on Twitter, FacebookInstagramPinterest, Amazon and Goodreads.

My interviews

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My guest posts

Links to my various guest posts at other blogs (excluding my Aussie Owned and Read posts — you can find those here):

My review policy

You may have noted that I post reviews here on my blog. However, I’m not primarily a book blogger, and I don’t take review requests; I post reviews for books I happen to be reading and felt strongly enough about that I wanted to share my thoughts with others. Please don’t ask me to review your book — as my local grocery says, refusal may offend.

Although that makes me wonder exactly how they refuse! 😉

Other stuff

You can find a list of useful links here.


10 Comments on “About me”

  1. Julie Israel says:

    Congratulations on Isla’s Inheritance (writing a book is a feat in itself; finding a home for it is the next challenge!) and I wish you all the best with publishing both it and your yet-unnamed sequel 🙂

    • I read a really depressing quote on Twitter the other day: “Producing a book is 10% writing and 90% marketing.” It made me want to weep – and it probably applies regardless of which way you publish, because publishing houses get their authors to do most of the work.

  2. As I finish my re-writes on a novel, I’m interested in seeing how your marketing journey goes. I write literary fiction, so different audience, but I fear the same process! Good luck to you. And the above quote only firms up my resolve that Twitter can eat itself.

  3. You are so not funny Page………….. :OP

  4. Karen Soutar says:

    Hi there! Having been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award, I’ve chosen your blog as one of my further nominees. If you’re up for it, help spread the love amongst our fellow bloggers and writers. More details here: http://wp.me/p3iouk-2c

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