Once again, Merry Christmas

Last year, I posted a Christmas message with a video. So, as is the grand old tradition of this blog (YES YOU CAN HAVE A GRAND OLD TRADITION AFTER JUST OVER 12 MONTHS SHUT UP THAT’S WHY), I shall do the same again this year.

For those of you that partake of such things, have a wonderful Christmas (or other festive season of your choice) and a happy new year. For those of you that don’t, well, enjoy the public holidays, anyway!

This is one of my two favourite Christmas carols EVER. The Straight No Chaser CD is the only one I listen to at Christmas.

My other favourite Christmas song I linked last year. But it makes me cry.

And as my final gift to you, here is a picture of a puppy under a Christmas tree.


One Comment on “Once again, Merry Christmas”

  1. nco04662 says:

    Lovely! Thank you!

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