This Writer’s Space: review and call for submissions

This Writer's Space

It’s been almost six months since I started my This Writer’s Space series (there have been twenty weekly posts in all, if that helps you with the maths). Which is just crazy. I love that my random little idea actually worked, and that nineteen other writers were happy to give me a glimpse into their personal spaces and share them with everyone. It’s a little confronting, especially given the average writer is at least a tiny bit introverted.

I don’t have a TWS post scheduled for this week. I’m not sure whether that’s because the idea has run its natural course, or because the northern hemisphere has gone on summer holidays. Maybe both. (Also: it’s freezing here and I’m jealous! Just so you know.) But I thought I’d take the opportunity to remind you of all the lovely ladies and the one equally lovely fellow who have taken part. I’m providing links, so if you missed one or more of the posts it’s easy to go back and have a look.

If you’re interested in taking part in the series, I’d love to have you. You don’t have to have a book already free in the world — the series is dedicated to all writers, not just published ones. I love both kinds! If you’re interested, shoot me an email at cassandrapage01[at] ([at] equals @, obviously.)

Thanks to everyone that’s taken part to date, too. I love your faces!

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