This Writer’s Space: Louise D. Gornall

This Writer's Space

Today on This Writer’s Space I have Louise D. Gornall, author of one of my favourite urban fantasy reads from last year, In Stone. She’s one of the coolest people on Twitter, so I’m very excited to have her here!

My name is Louise and I write urban fantasy and horror stories for young adults.

I like dark and edgy. Swears don’t offend me. Ignorance does.

I work at Swoon Romance, and I’m currently studying for a BA (Hons) degree in English language and literature.

Identical twin, junk food aficionado, book bird, film nerd, Jedi. Represented by super agent Mandy Hubbard at D4EO!

Where I Write

This is where the magic nearly never happens. I mean, this is where I make beautiful music, dance a passionate tango with the alphabet, reach Nirvana… No, but seriously, I love my desk and I feel lost when I’m away from it.


Where I’m Inspired

My most favorite place in the world is the Lake District. We go up a couple of times every year. It’s the kind of place that takes your breathe away. It’s so quiet and peaceful. Everything is so perfect and fresh it’s like waking up in The Shire. It just makes me want to write.


To Be Read

My actual TBR pile is currently being used by NASA as a stepladder into space. Seriously, it’s a pile of epic proportions, but these are the books I’m planning to read in the next week or two. I’m writing a thriller/horror right now, so I’m trying to surround myself with heart-stopping-feely stories.


If you now have as big a crush on Louise as I do, you can find her on her blog, Twitter, Facebook or Goodreads. Thanks for stopping by, Lou!

7 Comments on “This Writer’s Space: Louise D. Gornall”

  1. bookishblurb says:

    Thanks, Cass ❤

  2. I love your tidy desk! 🙂

  3. Super Huge Crush on Lou!!

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