A couple of book-release-related announcements: ‘Shadows and Spellcraft’ and ‘Rheia’

Shadows and Spellcraft giveaway announcement

As you’ll have no doubt have guessed by now, given all the posts on my blog lately, the Shadows and Spellcraft book bundle (which contains, among other things, Isla’s Inheritance), comes out on 30 October. Pre-orders are only $0.99 (US), which is such an awesome bargain that I’ve already pre-ordered my own copy for the books in there that I haven’t read — there are fifteen books total.

One of the authors in the bundle, Laura Greenwood, is giving away a Kindle Fire stuffed with ebooks (including another of mine, because yay!) to celebrate the release of the bundle. You can find the giveaway here. Check it out!

Rheia Pinterest page

As I do with all my books, as I was drafting Rheia I kept a Pinterest page for the book. Now that we’re getting closer to the release day, I’ve made the page public so that those of you who want to get a taste for the aesthetic of the book can do so. The link to the page is here. It’s no Kindle Fire, but I hope you enjoy anyway!

(Note that the usual caveats apply: I don’t own any of the art in the lefthand screenshot above.)


Pinterest for Authors: A Newbie’s Guide

Building your author platform? I’m over at Aussie Owned and Read, giving some advice on setting up a Pinterest account.

Aussie Writers

Ribbon,_Pinterest Source: Wikipedia Commons

If you’re a new author who is looking to build your social media platform, either before you start querying agents or because you’ve got a deal and have been told it’s something you need to work on, then you might want to consider Pinterest, the image-sharing website. It’s less demanding than a blog, Facebook or Twitter…  although it can be just as much of a time vampire if you let it.

Still, with a bit of self-discipline, it can be a way to promote yourself and your books, while also being a great source of inspiration for your writing.

What should I pin?

Look at creating at least ten boards on different themes, and having at least the same number of pins in each. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Have a board directly relating to each of your books or to each series. I have a board for my 

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I’m Pinteresting

Pinterest_logoThat’s like being interesting, only with art.

I’ve read a few blog posts on social media for writers, and everyone kept mentioning Pinterest. I’d always thought that was a site for scrapbooking DIY projects and recipes, so I was scratching my head as to what writers use it for. So I posted on Twitter, and a few of my tweeps filled me in.

One good summary of it, and what made me decide to get a Pinterest account, is Nicole Evelina’s blog post on the subject.

So anyway, I’ve set up my account here, if you wanted to check it out or follow me or whatever it is people do on Pinterest. If you leave your account names in the comments I’ll follow you back. Once I figure out how. :p