Fire the confetti cannons: ‘Melpomene’s Daughter’ release day!

Melpomene's Daughter ad

Melpomene's Daughter ad

Melpomene's Daughter ad

Melpomene's Daughter ad_smlWe finally got there, you guys! Maybe it was the promises I made the aosidhe (shh), or the sacrificial offerings to Fate, or the dogged persistence of Kim at Turquoise Morning Press — who managed to upload my ebook to websites despite a broken elbow meaning she can barely hold a mouse.

Okay, really it was that last one. (Thanks, Kim!)

But today is the Melpomene’s Daughter release day. And as I’m sure all older children will claim is typical (I’m the oldest in my family, so I wouldn’t know 😉 ), its birthday has been delayed and as a result rather poorly planned. I’m organising a book blitz for mid-May to atone, but I don’t want the poor thing to languish till then.

And don’t the three of them look pretty together?

Giveaway and links

My giveaway of a paperback copy of Isla’s Inheritance is still running. You can enter here. It’s open to anywhere The Book Depository delivers, but if the winner is in Australia I’ll sign their copy for them. You know, if they want me to… *shuffles feet*

As I write this, Melpomene’s Daughter has gone live on all the stripes of Amazon and at Smashwords. As I get more buy links, I’ll pop them here (where you can, as it so happens, find links to the first two books in the series if you’ve got some catching up to do).

You can add it to your Goodreads shelf here.

Obligatory Oscar speech

Melpomene’s Daughter wouldn’t have been possible without feedback, support, hugs and/or coffee from the following people.

Firstly, and most importantly, thank you to Nathaniel, for your bright-eyed enthusiasm and determination to make me laugh. Being your mummy has helped me see the world with fresh eyes, and it’s pretty awesome.

Thank you Peter, friend, alpha reader and evil genius, for telling me when you thought my bad guys weren’t being bad enough. Thanks also for that epic plotting (and scheming) session during our caving holiday. As you can see, I stuck to the plan. More or less. To Shelby, editor extraordinaire, for letting me get away with — and even encouraging — all that Australian slang: cheers, mate! Also, thanks and high fives to my friends Mikey and Cass for showing me it could be done. You were my inspirations when I sat down to write Isla’s Inheritance. True story.

For their full-throated support and enthusiasm, I’m grateful to Craig, Ali, Karen, Nicole, Barbara, Stacey, Lauren, Kim and the rest of the Pageinators. And, as always, thanks to my family and work colleagues, the BC09 gang, the rest of the AOR crew, and all my writing friends on Twitter: you guys are my safety net.

And finally, thanks to Isla, Sarah, Jack and the others, for letting me spend time in your world. It’s been a blast. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye.

And now I want to cry…

2 Comments on “Fire the confetti cannons: ‘Melpomene’s Daughter’ release day!”

  1. lorellepage says:

    Good luck with your release 🙂 It must be sad to say goodbye to your characters, but they live on forever through your readers! And there’s always novellas and such!

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