Blurb for ‘Melpomene’s Daughter’

For those of you that missed it on other social media, the final book in the Isla’s Inheritance trilogy, Melpomene’s Daughter, has its own Goodreads page. Where you could add it. If you wanted to. *shuffles feet*

The cover isn’t up yet — I’m hoping to have it in the next week or two — and the exact release date is to be confirmed. But there is a BLURB. Which I shall re-create for you here in all its blurby glory.

Isla struggles to embrace her fae nature while preserving her humanity in this final, exciting instalment in the Isla’s Inheritance trilogy.

Isla has spent months persuading the Canberra fae that she isn’t a tyrant like her mother, trying to prove that — despite her mixed blood — she’s human, not a monster. That she’s one of them, not one of the high fae who enslaved them.

But a vision of a fresh-dug grave warns that someone is going to die.

When the Old World fae move once again against her family, seeking revenge for old wrongs, Isla will stop at nothing to keep those she loves safe. She just wants to be left alone. But to win that right for herself, her family and all Australian fae, she must cross the oceans and take the fight to the country of her birth.

Isla will prove she really is Melpomene’s daughter after all.

I love this book, you guys. I know writers usually say that their favourite book is the one they wrote most recently, and I did work on copy edits for Melpomene’s Daughter the weekend before last, but I really do think that it is the most fun, most exciting and most heartrending book in the series.

I can’t wait to share it with you all. ❤

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