50k words dance

I like round numbers. And 50k is the NaNoWriMo target. So it’s pretty exciting to me when a MS gets to 50k, like Isla#3 just did — even though it will be at least another 20k words before I’m done. And it took me almost six months to get this far, not one.

When I tweeted my victory, Wendy made the following suggestion:


So, gentle reader, I would like you to imagine me dancing like this (only with less coordination and more singing along; Jamiroquai is very catchy!):

2 Comments on “50k words dance”

  1. Shake your groove thing! And congrats on 50K. You’re on the home stretch. It always seems to go faster and the words come easier once I cross 50K.

    You can do it! You are the writer, creator, king, queen, master of the universe! You’re not THE God, but you’re a god…to your characters. Booyah! 20K to go!

  2. Tess Grant says:

    Yay you! I’m closing in on 50 too so I feel your joy!

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