I signed with Turquoise Morning Press. Again!

Loyal readers of my blog (ha!) will know that I always intended Isla’s Inheritance be the first book in a trilogy. There’s a three book arc, a meta-plot … and how cool is the phrase “meta-plot” anyway? I feel like I need to say it in this big, booming voice: “I have this plot, and it is meta.”

I’ve drafted the sequel to Isla’s Inheritance; it is in the beta-reading stages. Until last week I was calling the manuscript Book Two, because I am the queen of naming things and all shall bow before me. But when my amazing editor over at Turquoise Morning Press, Shelby, asked me for a synopsis for Book Two, I had to come up with a proper name. And a synopsis. Aaah! I wrote the latter, and then ran it past my Aussie Owned girls. Sharon suggested Isla’s Oath. For she is the true queen of naming things, and all shall bow before her.

Bow! *shakes fist*

Seriously, I’m pretty stoked with that. Isla’s Oath. It rolls off the tongue. (If you’re wondering, Isla is pronounced eye-la.)

I sent the synopsis to Shelby and then—be still my heart—she asked for a one-page pitch for the third book as well.


Now, book three is currently just a series of thought bubbles in my head. I have been working on a different project these last six months, because at the start of the year I’d had no joy in placing Isla’s Inheritance and, since I write so slowly, I didn’t want to spend almost a year working on the third book in a series that might never go anywhere.

Also, the plot bunnies were biting on this new idea. And you can never tell those plot bunnies anything.

But I wrote the pitch (with a working title that I’ll keep to myself for now). And THEY SAID YES!

That’s right, I now have a three-book deal with Turquoise Morning Press. I just, I can’t even … there are no words. (That’s not a problem for a writer, is it?)

The current plan is to release Isla’s Inheritance around the middle of next year, and then the subsequent two in gaps of up to six months after that. As that firms up I’ll let you guys know.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported me in this, especially my boyfriend, the evil genius, Peter; Chynna-Blue; and all of the Aussie Owned ladies. Also, to all of my friends on Twitter and Facebook, and everyone I’ve ever met. Also to people I haven’t met yet. Glomps to you all!


17 Comments on “I signed with Turquoise Morning Press. Again!”

  1. Stacey Nash says:

    Yay! Congrats Cass. THREE. BOOK. DEAL. Wow! 😀

  2. loonytuney says:

    I am internet-friends with a MULTI-BOOK-DEAL AUTHOR. Then again, everyone at Aussie Owned is deliciously talented. I am bowing before Sharon for coming up with the title, btw.

  3. That’s Mega AWESOME!! You go Cass!

  4. ST Bende says:

    That is FANTASTIC Cassandra! I’m so thrilled for you! Holy cow, I know a 3 book deal author! This is HUGE!!! You are phenomenally talented, and the words will come to you in a snap. I know it. And then I’ll get to read them! In THREE BOOKS!

    So now can I call you Meta-Mind? 😉 Loved that part of your post!

  5. HEY, you said my name!! A 3 book deal? That is freaking amazing!! (I was so tempted to use a different f-word there but I thought, hmmm, best not. ;)) Allll of the jealousy. All of it.

  6. Laura Hogan says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

  7. bookishblurb says:

    I can’t believe I’m only just seeing this! CONGRATULATIONS, lovely! So happy for you!

  8. C H Griffin says:

    Congrats! That is so awesome!!!!

  9. […] For example, Isla’s Inheritance originally had a title that actually contained a (minor) spoiler. I know, right? I’m an idiot. The working title was a great title—just not for that book. (I may use it for the third book in the trilogy; that remains to be seen.) The second book in the series was “Book Two” for ages, till it eventually became Isla’s Oath after Sharon suggested it. […]

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