A writer’s space

I made a huge decision last night: I decided to sell my house and downsize to something smaller, something my three-year-old and I don’t rattle around in like marbles in a bathtub. I love my current house, but the mortgage is costing me the GDP of a small African nation.

So I’ve been looking at real estate websites, trying to get myself excited at the idea of moving somewhere that’s Not Here, and I decided one of my criteria is that I need a little bit of space for just me in the house. Either a study or a living area that’s not right next to the television—in other words, somewhere I can set up the computer and write in peace.

Some people would say that’s self-indulgent. I’d save more money getting us a tiny two-bedroom apartment. But I think it’s required for my sanity, and if I can do it I should.

(I’ve also got five bookshelves worth of books I need to accommodate. Don’t ask me to part with them!)

All of this got me to thinking. What do other writers work with? What’s your current space like? Is it ideal, or are there things you’d change if you could? Do you have to write with noise-cancelling headphones to ignore the chaos around you? Or write on your laptop in your room with the door locked?


10 Comments on “A writer’s space”

  1. Carissa says:

    Dream writing niche? Teeny-tiny little writer’s cottage at the end of a mossy stepping stone path in the corner of the back garden.

    Current writing niche? My couch and/or bed in a really open-plan flat. It’s fine for now, because both my husband and I are on similar schedules (read: work all-the-time). And I love spaces with a lot of light. But if we had kiddos … I think I’d need a separate writer’s nook!

  2. I’m very fortunate to live in a house that had a small formal dining room, now known officially as The Green Study, my own space to write, work and read, filled with books. And I have been adding perennial gardens in the yard for years. My cottage…it’s a little suburban ranch house, but it does the trick.

  3. Sceptimum says:

    We specified we want a place with at least 2.5 bedrooms, meaning we wanted a space for work/writing but it didn’t have to be huge. My current writing space is pretty much a desk and a chair but some day – on that mythical day “when we have money” – I’m transforming the bare room upstairs into a library/office and popping plants all over the balcony to give me something to look at.

  4. Loved the dream study picture you showed. I’m happy to have my own room to write in (a basement office). I just wish the windows were bigger. 🙂

  5. I hear ya! We have a one bedroom apartment, so with my partner, myself and our two ‘inside dogs’ (yes, we are crazy pet people) it can get pretty chaotic! I find I like to set myself up in the kitchen where we have a long window that lets in lots of light and shows a cute little Italian-inspired cafe across the road and glimpses of the lake. It may not be a space solely for writing, but I guess you make do with what you have.

    (Given the choice though – show me the way to a Writing Only room!)

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