My semi-annual geek tee stock-up

Ten months ago I posted about my geek t-shirt collection (I don’t own any regular t-shirts), with pictures of my five favourite geek tees. Sadly, my Statler and Waldorf and Scooby Doo ones have died, and the Minecraft one isn’t fit to leave the house in — although it is still very comfy. (I am wearing it as I draft this.)

So I ordered four new t-shirts to replace them. And they have arrived. SO EXCITE!

Note: I’ve included buy links on each of the shirt names if you want to be cool like me. 😉

Guardians of the Galaxy

Because I am a giant greenie at heart. Also, I am Groot. (I got this in the chocolate brown, because brown is my favourite colour. Because I am a greenie and love the Earth, I guess? And also, more realistically, because chocolate.)


I couldn’t pass this up when I saw it. Kaylee is just the most adorable character ever written, and also, notice how she’s been drawn with some curves, not just up top but down below too? I like that.

Doctor Who meets Firefly

Because if Captain Mal were ever given the chance to steal a TARDIS, he’d be on that like Kaylee on a strawberry. Like Jayne on Vera. You know what I’m sayin’.

Doctor Who meets Frozen

There is the risk that this t-shirt will cement Do You Wanna Build a Snowman in my subconscious even more firmly than it already is, but that is a chance I am prepared to take.

What is your favourite t-shirt? Linkies, because I always need more. I DO!

My five favourite geek t-shirts

It says up there at the top of my blog that as well as being a writer and a mother, I’m also a geek. But aside from the occasional Doctor Who reference, I don’t think I’ve flown the flag here as much as I could have.

Also, as mentioned in a recent Top Ten Tuesday, I LOVE T-SHIRTS! Not just boring, plain shirts but ones that say something interesting about the wearer.

So for something different, here, without further ado, are my five favourite geek t-shirts. I own all of these except one, and the one I don’t own has been bought and paid for. I’m just waiting for the internet fairies to drop it at my door.

I’m including buy links, so you can all be as cool as me if you want to (hahaha). Also, so that way I hopefully don’t get smacked for copyright theft. 😉


The first is from that awesome, and these days all-pervasive, computer game: Minecraft. It’s not the only Minecraft t-shirt I own, but it’s the most comfortable. Also, the creeper is sad because someone turned his family into a block of dynamite. Feel the pathos. FEEL IT!

"Love Bomb"

Love Bomb


This one’s a little more obscure. Have you seen Joss Whedon’s movie Serenity? Remember the bizarre fruity oaty bar commercial that sends River into a spin? Yeah, that.

The Muppets

Remember Statler and Waldorf, those two grumpy old bastards that gave Fozzie Bear such a hard time? Now they can heckle you in the privacy of your own home. I’ve pretty much worn this shirt to death, sadly.

Scooby Doo

I like to think that during a zombie apocalypse, Velma would be the one to survive, because she has smarts. Fred would die in a complicated trap of his own devising, and Shaggy would get eaten trying to fix himself a club sandwich. Not sure what happened to Daphne, but it probably involved stopping to fix her hair. (As an aside, my son loves this t-shirt!)

Doctor Who

This is the one I’m waiting on. It better arrive soon or it will be dated before I even get to try it on, given the Twelfth Doctor isn’t represented! (Edit: Okay, it arrived! Crisis averted — stand down the search party!)

Do you own awesome t-shirts? Link them in the comments so I can admire (and possibly buy!) them. 🙂


Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Bookish Things I’d Like to Own


My first thought when I saw this week’s The Broke and the Bookish theme was, “What, only ten?”

Then I realised most of the bookish things I’d like to own are actually books, and that’s specifically excluded by the question. Curses! Also, as much as I’d like a an actual wand from the Harry Potter world, a teleporting McCaffrey dragon or Cinder’s lie detector, I decided to exclude things that, well, don’t exist. (My birthday is on Friday, if you’re feeling generous!)

One: more bookshelves. I have six large bookshelves, plus a smaller one in my son’s room for his books and a skinny one in the dining room with reference books on it (where else would I keep them?). I don’t actually need more shelves at the moment, but what I’d love to be able to do is replace the two flimsy ones I own. One of them has a cracked back panel. It makes me sad when I look at it.

Two: Lord of the Rings jewellery. There’s a lot to choose from in gorgeous LotR-inspired jewellery, especially since the movie. The One Ring and Arwen’s necklace are the most common, followed by the leaf brooch the hobbits get from Galadriel. The image below is inspired by Nenya, the elven ring. The Hobbit Jewelry offer it with a blue stone, which would be my first choice. 


Three: a comfy reading chair. Have you ever heard of a chair and a half? I hadn’t. It’s basically a place for curling up with ALL OF THE CUSIONS to read a book.

Four: this Steampunk golden snitch pocket watch. Because Harry Potter. And steampunk. This one’s on Etsy.


Five to eight: these four awesome t-shirts. I love t-shirts!

TShirtAmazeRed TShirtHarryPotter TShirtMalificent TShirtStorytellers

Nine: a gold Pernese dragon sculpture. How gorgeous is she? And seriously, you should check out the other sculptures by this artist — they are amazing! I could own ALL OF THEM!


Ten: wall-mountable cover art for my own books. This sounds kind of vain, but I can’t wait till I have the cover art for Isla’s Inheritance and its sequels so I can hang them on my loungeroom wall and bask in the glow of having published something. 🙂

What bookish thing would you love to own?