Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Bookish Things I’d Like to Own


My first thought when I saw this week’s The Broke and the Bookish theme was, “What, only ten?”

Then I realised most of the bookish things I’d like to own are actually books, and that’s specifically excluded by the question. Curses! Also, as much as I’d like a an actual wand from the Harry Potter world, a teleporting McCaffrey dragon or Cinder’s lie detector, I decided to exclude things that, well, don’t exist. (My birthday is on Friday, if you’re feeling generous!)

One: more bookshelves. I have six large bookshelves, plus a smaller one in my son’s room for his books and a skinny one in the dining room with reference books on it (where else would I keep them?). I don’t actually need more shelves at the moment, but what I’d love to be able to do is replace the two flimsy ones I own. One of them has a cracked back panel. It makes me sad when I look at it.

Two: Lord of the Rings jewellery. There’s a lot to choose from in gorgeous LotR-inspired jewellery, especially since the movie. The One Ring and Arwen’s necklace are the most common, followed by the leaf brooch the hobbits get from Galadriel. The image below is inspired by Nenya, the elven ring. The Hobbit Jewelry offer it with a blue stone, which would be my first choice. 


Three: a comfy reading chair. Have you ever heard of a chair and a half? I hadn’t. It’s basically a place for curling up with ALL OF THE CUSIONS to read a book.

Four: this Steampunk golden snitch pocket watch. Because Harry Potter. And steampunk. This one’s on Etsy.


Five to eight: these four awesome t-shirts. I love t-shirts!

TShirtAmazeRed TShirtHarryPotter TShirtMalificent TShirtStorytellers

Nine: a gold Pernese dragon sculpture. How gorgeous is she? And seriously, you should check out the other sculptures by this artist — they are amazing! I could own ALL OF THEM!


Ten: wall-mountable cover art for my own books. This sounds kind of vain, but I can’t wait till I have the cover art for Isla’s Inheritance and its sequels so I can hang them on my loungeroom wall and bask in the glow of having published something. 🙂

What bookish thing would you love to own?

9 Comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Bookish Things I’d Like to Own”

  1. Kate Sparkes says:

    I want that Red Riding Hood shirt!!!

    And a chair-and-a-half… and room to put it… and I desperately need more bookshelves. Great list!

  2. Lucy says:

    The golden snitch pocket watch is awesome! And more bookshelves are always needed 🙂 Cute tees!

  3. Wow I love that snitch!

  4. Harliqueen says:

    Great answers, I think a comfy reading chair is top priority 😀

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