Promotion: ‘Isla’s Inheritance’ ebook available free


Isla was content to let her father keep his secrets, but now she can’t stand the touch of iron and her dreams are developing a life of their own.

Seventeen-year-old Isla Blackman only agrees to participate in a Halloween séance because Dominic, an old crush, wants to. She is sure nothing will happen when they try to contact her mother’s spirit. But the séance receives a chilling reply.


Isla doesn’t want to upset her father by prying into the family history he never discusses. When the mysterious and unearthly Jack offers to help her discover the truth, Isla must master her new abilities to protect her loved ones from enemies she never knew existed.

Isla’s Inheritance, the first book in my young adult urban fantasy trilogy, is currently available as a free download from all good* ebook retailers.

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* Amazon is, as many have noted before me, not a good ebook retailer. In fact, I have it on good authority that it may have been given a lump of coal (delivered free with Amazon Prime!) for Christmas last year. 😉 So if your Amazon account isn’t based in the USA and your Amazon store lists Isla’s Inheritance with a price, you can download the mobi file for free from the Smashwords link instead. Or leave a message and I will email it to you.

If you enjoy Isla’s Inheritance — or any of my other books, or other authors’ books for that matter — please consider leaving a review on Goodreads or your favourite ebook retailer. Reviews make a huge difference to authors; you wouldn’t believe how much us needy creative types need the positive reinforcement. 😉

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