Post-release buzz

IslasInheritance-CPage-MDThe last ten days — since Isla’s Inheritance was released into the wild — have been crazy good. I’ve been overwhelmed with support, especially from family and friends, but also from the writing community on Twitter. If you’re a writer just starting out, I strongly recommend getting on Twitter and tapping into the wonderful support network there. Look at the #amwriting hashtag as a place to start finding people.

The book tour ended yesterday and was really successful. (I can’t speak highly enough of Xpresso Book Tours if you’re organising some promotion.) Thank you to everyone that took part, whether it be by hosting or entering my giveaway!

I’ve tried to avoid turning into one of those crazy people that sits there refreshing Amazon to look at her book ranking, but I did notice (ahem) that on Amazon Australia Isla’s Inheritance cracked number 17 on the young adult sci-fi, fantasy and magic ebook charts the day after it released. I only grabbed screenshots the night before, though, when it was at #28:



Seeing it nestled in beside some big names gave me a big, cheesy grin — and I have all of YOU GUYS to thank for that!

If you’ve read the first book and are wondering when the sequel, Isla’s Oath, comes out, the answer is that it’s scheduled for release on 22 January 2015.

In the meantime, if you liked Isla’s Inheritance, I’d be grateful if you considered leaving a review at your reviewing site of choice — you know, if you wanna. 😉 You can leave reviews anywhere from Goodreads to Amazon, Barnes & Noble to the Turquoise Morning Press page. The links to the various pages are here.

No pressure. I love you either way.