The best kind of book mail

My name is Cassandra Page and I’m an online bookstore addict. As a result, I’m no stranger to friendly little packages showing up, sometimes (in the case of preorders) months after I ordered them. Such packages always make me smile …

… but not as much as receiving a giant parcel full of copies of my own book does! In some ways that’s counter-intuitive. I mean, I’ve read my book, right? But there’s nothing quite like being able to pat fondle hold a copy of a book you’ve worked really hard to produce.

Today both my son and I are home because we’ve got colds, so I was fortunate enough to be here when the delivery bloke with his doof doof music arrived to drop off this lovely parcel.


This particular delivery is even more exciting for me, since paperbacks of Isla’s Oath and Melpomene’s Daughter were never produced by their previous publisher. Naturally I squealed, and my son (who is six) made disgruntled noises about non-picture books. Since I can’t share my joy with him … or with anyone else, given it’d be antisocial of me to take my germs out of the house right now … I thought pester you with it. Thanks for being ace, internet! 🙂

Here is the trilogy, all sitting side by side. Note the amazing work Kim did to get them looking beautiful together? I especially love the little symbols at the top: an arrow, a snowflake and a seashell, chosen to represent each of the stories they represent.


And here is a photo I’ve been keen to take for a while now: all my preciouses sitting side-by-side on my bookshelf. I have two copies of the original Isla’s Inheritance there (since it is no longer available), and two of Lucid Dreaming (one is the paperback proof; I used the online proof function for the Isla’s Inheritance trilogy).


And this is me. Only I’m a brunette with curly, shoulder-length hair and glasses, obv.


If after seeing the lusciousness that is all three books together you’re keen to have copies of your own to fondle, they are available online. Alternatively, for Australians (who may find it cheaper) or those who are mad keen for a signed copy, they are also available from me. Email me at (replacing the _at_ with a @)!





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