‘Isla’s Inheritance’ paperbacks now available

On the eve of the release of Isla’s Oath (today is your last chance to preorder it; tomorrow you’ll have to … post … order it?), I realised that although I squeed about it on Facebook, Twitter et al, I hadn’t shared the news here.


In fact, it has been for three weeks, but I got so distracted with the holiday season that I plain forgot to blog about it.

Here are the buy links I have collected so far:

Amazon US | Createspace | The Book Depository | Barnes & Noble

Last year I promised photos of me fondling the paperback when it arrived. I don’t have one of those, but I do have one of me doing my very first every author signing — in my dining room — and grinning like a loon. I hope that will do!

Isla's Inheritance in a box

Isla's Inheritance signing

Isla's Inheritance Cass signing

(Note the TARDIS pendant. Because I am a nerd. Or geek. I’m never sure which is the better term.)

Happy happy joy joy!

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