‘Isla’s Inheritance’ now available for preorder


In case you somehow missed me squeeeing* it all over social media like my five-year-old with a paintgun, Isla’s Inheritance is now available for preorder at Amazon.

If Amazon isn’t your thing, you can also find the book at Smashwords, where I’m told you can add it to your library and preview it, but alas not preorder it.

For the less digitally inclined, there will be a paperback available in due course. I don’t have a timeframe on that yet, unfortunately. Rest assured, when I do I’ll be squeeeing that too. And then ordering a huge box of copies so I can roll around in them fondle them smell them OKAY, YES, ALL OF THOSE THINGS!

Soon people will be reading my words, and I feel crazy excited. Also nauseous. And proud. And nauseous. Did I mention nauseous? Eep.

*What do you mean, squeee isn’t a verb?


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