‘Isla’s Inheritance’ is on Goodreads

Even though the subject says almost everything you need to know about the matter, I feel like I should write some extra words. So, yes, my very first book baby, Isla’s Inheritance, is on Goodreads. I don’t have a cover yet (when I do I’ll be organising a reveal; yay!) but there is a blurb. And I can pat the screen and stare at it like my dogs stare at us when we’re eating dinner. You can too, if you like. I don’t mind sharing.

Isla’s Goodreads page

The way I feel right now is really best said with animated gifs. Which is a sad state of affairs for a writer, but OMG!

I feel like this!


And then I think of people actually reading it — after spending money on it — and I feel like this.

Sully faint

(I also feel sick, like I might throw up. But it’s probably best if we don’t animate that.)

Anyway, if you’re a Goodreads user and you want to add Isla’s Inheritance to your To Be Read shelf, I’d love you forever. Really. With hearts and chocolates*! ❤

*Chocolates may be claimed in person only.

6 Comments on “‘Isla’s Inheritance’ is on Goodreads”

  1. nikolavukoja says:

    I’m so happy for you!

  2. Stacey Nash says:

    YAY! Running off to add it now. 🙂

  3. Julie Israel says:

    WHEEE!!! Congratulations, Cassandra! 🙂 I am also adding it!

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