Interview: C.J. Burright, urban fantasy author

Today I’m interviewing CJ Burright. Her debut novel, Wonderfully Wicked, came out on 13 May!

Wonderfully Wicked has a couple of new types of supernatural “beastie”, dreamcasters and V’alkara. Can you tell us about them?

Sure! Dreamcasters are women whose nightmares leak and come to life. Not the best qualities to encourage a lasting relationship. The V’alkara are men who invade dreams and feed on nightmares. They hunt dreamcasters, so falling for a target creates a difficult situation. What good love story doesn’t have complications, right?

Where did the inspiration come from?

The inspiration emerged from my fascination with dreams. Dreams have always fascinated me, and I wanted to write something in the paranormal romance genre beyond what’s already out there, so combining the two just clicked for me. Gives me a reason to quench my curiosity about dreams and write paranormal/fantasy–a win-win!

Where is the story set? Why did you choose it?

The main setting is deep in the forest of the Oregon Cascades. I’m an Oregonian, and I’ve always loved the woods. Plus, what better location for the secret V’alkara headquarters? But Lydon and Kalila don’t stay there long.

Are you planning a sequel?

Yes! The rough draft of Beautifully Burned, Daxen’s tale, is almost done. The last few chapters are outlined, which is a shocker for me. I’m a total pantser, but the ending hit me while running on the treadmill, so I scribbled it down, still sweaty. I love it when inspiration strikes!

If you were stuck on a desert island with any of your characters, which would you choose and why?

I would choose Lydon because he could change form and sweep us away, but if we’re truly struck…I’d have to choose Melanie. At least she’d be tons of fun while we’re dying of starvation or thirst.

Which writer most inspires you? How come?

Unfair question, Cassandra (Cass: Sorry!). Too many! But if you’re forcing me to choose only one, I’d have to say Anne Bishop. I love her tormented characters and unique, dark worlds. She’s made my heart hurt more than once, and that’s not easy to do.

What is your:

* favourite colour? Black, deep purple, red, and royal blue–equally. 🙂

* favourite drink? Mochas…wine…and more mochas.

* favourite item of clothing? A bra always comes in handy, keeps the girls in check.

* favourite time of the day? Afternoon until bedtime. Pretty much any time other than mornings. Ugh.

* favourite punctuation mark? The comma. I’ve heard they save lives. Or cause embarrassment. Either way, they’ve got some power going on.

Thanks so much for having me on your blog! 🙂

Wonderfully Wicked 800 x 1200

A dreamcaster with the ability to channel creatures from her nightmares, headstrong and cynical Kalila Montgomery longs for a peaceful, picket-fence life… until the man literally of her dreams kidnaps her.

Survival quickly becomes her number one goal, yet a growing attraction to the man in her nightmares is impossible to ignore. While she fears he will kill her, other, more terrifying enemies surround her, and Kalila succumbs to his scheme to escape. She may be his one hope for freedom…

A deadly combination of power, cunning, and cold-hearted charm, Lydon v’al Endrian fears nothing. Feels nothing. Chained to a brotherhood of men with the supernatural ability to invade dreams, he hunts dreamcasters to be harvested for their dreams and killed. His target: Kalila Montgomery. But Kalila awakens an undeniable dark desire and a longing for a freedom long-lost.

To gain everything he craves, Lydon must seduce Kalila before his plot is discovered… a hopeless challenge which, if failed, will earn him a death-sentence. Caught up in a dangerous world of secrets and obsession, doubt and betrayal, Kalila and Lydon face the nightmare of their lives, where love will either deliver them—or destroy them both.

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About the Author

CJ blames her love for reading and all things Medieval on her father, who plied her often with fantasy novels ranging from Sir Lloyd Alexander to Piers Anthony.  Her love for romance, however, lies completely at the feet of her best friend Michelle, who dared to give her a romance novel for her birthday.  She smiled, politely said thank you, and tossed it in the corner, where it gathered dust.  In a moment of desperation, when only the revolting romance remained in her almost-always toppling stack of awaiting books, she sucked it up and read the romance.  Doomed.

She started writing fantasy and paranormal romance for the cathartic experience, decided she liked it, and after two overlong, horribly written novels joined RWA and the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal special interest chapter.  Best classes and critique groups ever.  Double doomed.  Now, writing is a necessity, not just a hobby.

In her spare time, when she’s not writing or reading or actually working, CJ might be found in the dojang (4th Dan Black Belt, baby), rooting on the Mariners (who will some day win the World Series), working out (P90X, anyone?), gardening (a little dirt never hurt anyone), or playing Music of the Night on the piano (without mask or cape). She lives in Oregon with her fabulous husband and daughter. Not to mention her minions, a herd of cats.

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  1. cjburright says:

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