Isla’s Inheritance word cloud

Something fun from me today. I was stalking getting a link from Tess Grant‘s blog for her spot on This Writer’s Space in a couple of weeks, and I saw her post about an awesome word cloud app called Wordle. You paste in a selection of text and it ignores the common English (or other langauge) words and gives you a word cloud of the rest.

The results weren’t perfect – it didn’t seem to acknowledge the apostrophes as part of a word so there were a handful of fragments — such as “don” and “ll”. Once I removed those, I really liked the result.

Can you tell that Dominic features pretty heavily in that chapter? 😉

II word cloud

I’d love to see these results for other novels. If you do it, link me your blog in the comments so I can check it out!

6 Comments on “Isla’s Inheritance word cloud”

  1. nikolavukoja says:

    how did you save yours, I’ve only got Public GALLERY as an option?

  2. That is so cool! Nice idea, Cass

  3. Tess Grant says:

    I love Wordle! I played with it for at least an hour the other night, pasting in all sorts of chapters. Isla’s Inheritance has an amazing word cloud…besides Dominic, I see pirate, ballerina, Dracula, ghost. Very intriguing.

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