Writing space

My to-be-read shelf has conducted a hostile takeover

My to-be-read shelf has conducted a hostile takeover of adjacent territory

My writing space is almost set up. I was adamant when I bought my new house that as well as a bedroom for me and one for my son, there’d be a third room I could use as a study.

My old house was big. It was four bedrooms, and had an L-shaped lounge. There, one of the bedrooms was a library, and the computer lived in one part of the lounge. It was good then, because if my toddler was playing in the lounge or watching TV I could watch him while attempting to write (or, more likely, playing on social media). I wrote both of my Isla books there, and most of Lucid Dreaming.

This place is smaller. But I have my study. I had to put one bookshelf in the lounge because they wouldn’t all fit (and a smaller one in the dining room — yes, I have a lot of bookshelves). But the other five, and my computer desk, all tuck away quite nicely into my study.

There’s a view of our courtyard, and beyond that of the local park. And the study is far enough away from the lounge room that as my son grows older I won’t have to listen to him watch TV or play Final Fantasy XXIII on the Playstation 7.

As you can tell, I love it. It’s no isolated cottage at the end of a winding path, surrounded by flower gardens, but I did alright. ❤

What’s your ideal writing environment?

7 Comments on “Writing space”

  1. Kate Sparkes says:

    I haven’t found mine, yet. My desk is on the living room, because it was that or the stinky basement, but there are too many distractions out here. I can write a blog post while someone is watching TV, but I can’t get my “proper” writing done very well, and I can just forget about editing. I think I need my own room, a quiet space where I can be comfortable but not distracted, where I can stick things to the walls that will encourage or inspire me, and where I can shut off the internet while I’m working.

    Love your TBR shelf. Mine is overflowing, too. 🙂

  2. My writing space is at one end of the dining room where we actually only rarely eat these days. My desk faces the window where I can see the trees at the end of our garden with the road to our cul de sac beyond with people coming and going. 🙂 And bookcases are essential. I have two tall ones which are crammed with books.

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