Struggling, and zombies

I’ve been struggling a bit the past couple of weeks. In my defence, I’ve had a lot going on: we (well, I) packed, then moved into my parents’ house, and then my son and I both got the flu. Now I’m house hunting, which involves spending every Saturday driving around, and dodging overly friendly real estate agents who suddenly lack any customer service skills when it actually matters.


This is why I haven’t been blogging much the last week or so. I’ve managed to meet my weekly writing goal, and even to catch up on what I should have written when I was too busy packing to write. But this last week I’ve been back at work and I’ve only met that goal by the skin of my teeth.

Forgive me?

There are a few exciting things coming up though. I’ve got two AWESOME interviews lined up for Aussie Owned and Read in the next four weeks. One is with an Australian speculative fiction icon, and the other with a hot new (relatively speaking) Aussie writer. Stay tuned for details!

I’ve also got an excerpt of a new release, and a gorgeous cover reveal. It will BLOW YOUR MIND!

CapturePlus my contribution to The Zombie Project goes live on Sunday 8 September. Yes, that’s the day after the Australian federal election. (Seems appropriate somehow.)

Don’t know what The Zombie Project is? A bunch of fantastic writers (and also me), brought together by Twitter and a love of braaiiiins, are doing a collaborative short story project.  Instead of just being your typical anthology, the stories are all set in the same world. The only rule is that each story must contain an element from the preceding one.

Awesome, right? The stories are being posted at Chynna-Blue Ink — scroll down to the first and then read them in order.

Go on. Why are you still reading this? Shoo!

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