Rhyming for Ull, and a plea to vote


I mentioned the other day that I was part of Team Ull. If you didn’t see the post you might want to have a look, because otherwise the rest of this won’t make much sense. Go on, I’ll wait…

I was struggling a bit with what I could contribute to our little Nordic cheersquad. I wasn’t able to contribute amazing graphic design skills (K. A. Last has that well and truly covered!), but I have contributed something else.


Yeah, you heard me. Limericks. That ancient art of Nordic poetry*.

So here are my four limericks, again turned into images by the aforementioned K, for your amazement … or amusement.  I don’t mind which.

All I ask is that you CLICK HERE and vote for Ull. Go on, click it! Kthxbai!



2-Ull_Lymericks3  4-Ull_Lymericks

* Just go with it.

2 Comments on “Rhyming for Ull, and a plea to vote”

  1. […] if you guys will recall my posts from back in July as part of Team Ull. I even wrote limericks. Four of them. Well, Ull is the tres sexy main man in The Elsker Saga by ST Bende, and — in case you also […]

  2. […] Before I reveal these smexy new covers, I should tell you there’s a bit of a story that goes with this. You may remember how in July last year I took part in the NA Crush Tourney, in support of a piece of epic hotness named Ull, the hero of S.T. Bende’s The Elsker Saga. I even wrote poems. True story. […]

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