Team Ull


Those of you that follow the goings on over at Aussie Owned and Read will know that we’ve been chosen to advocate for Ull in the NA Crush Tourney. Ull is the hero in ST Bende’s NA romantic fantasy, Elsker. Not only is he a Norse God but he’s also a fierce Asgardian Warrior. Despite his violent job, Ull is a sweetheart when it comes to his girl, Kristia.

I confess, I haven’t actually read Elsker yet. My copy of the book is travelling across the seas (probably on some sort of heroic, Nordic adventure) as we speak. But you know how I know I like Ull? Because the author based him off Alexander Skarsgard of True Blood fame. Wooh! *fans self*

Now, because Alexander Skarsgard would quite rightly get tetchy if we started plastering his picture all over everything without permission, we’ve found a very nice looking young man (whose image was purchased legally via a stock website, in case you’re wondering), who will be playing the part of Ull for us here.

Did I mention “wooh”?!

Ull. It rhymes with drool.

Ull. It rhymes with drool.

(The image, by the way, was done by the amazingly talented K. A. Last.)

You may be wondering what I’m asking of you in exchange for my generous sharing of this serious hotness. Well, on Tuesday 2 July, Ull will be going head-to-head against some wimpy, girly-man named Drew (who I know absolutely nothing about!). The contest will be resolved via voting. I would have preferred some sort of Greco-Roman wrestling, but nobody asked me…

So, uh, yeah. On Tuesday, I’ll be asking you to get your click on. It won’t take long. If you want to see who is participating, click here. Just remember: vote for Ull.

(Also, if you want a chance to win an ebook copy of Elsker, click here.)

3 Comments on “Team Ull”

  1. ST Bende says:

    I love it Cassandra! Thank you so much for backing #TeamUll! *fires the Skarsgard Kiss Cannon at you– BOOM* We’re lucky to have you! And boy howdy, do I wish this was a MC wrestling match. I’d pay good money to watch that…

  2. […] mentioned the other day that I was part of Team Ull. If you didn’t see the post you might want to have a look, […]

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