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As I’ve previously established, I love looking at gorgeous cover art. And as I’ve also recently established, I’m coming to the end of my agent query ride on ISLA’S INHERITANCE. But that doesn’t mean the end of the ride for the manuscript, just that it’s time to consider my options for unagented publication.

So. I like to think ahead. I like to look at cover art produced by different small presses, and at indie books’ cover art, and imagine what sort of art I might have on Isla’s Inheritance. And I have a couple of very talented friends, who’ve helped me put together a draft cover.

My very talented friend, Krystal, is a photographer, and although she usually does outdoor shots with children she was happy to do a photoshoot with a gorgeous model, and send me the images. My other very talented friend, Kim, is an indie author who designs covers, so when I sent her a manipulated version of the cover (complete with cheesy font and plain background) she very politely told me what I was doing wrong and helped me come up with something a thousand times better.

Unfortunately it’s too early for me to share the cover with you, even though I’m bursting with enthusiasm about it and want to show everyone. Partly because there’s no guarantee if I publish with any publishing house that I’ll be able to use it as my cover, although in that case I’ll turn it into art for the blog. And partly because cover reveals are actually a big deal in the promotional cycle of a book (as you may have noticed from the recent cover reveals I’ve been posting), which requires me to have an impending release to promote.

But I’ve saved it as my desktop wallpaper. And sometimes I sit and look at it, and it gives me ALL THE FEELS! So even if no one ever sees it but Krystal, Kim, me and my boyfriend (when he uses my computer), it was worth the time I spent on it.

This isn't the cover, but it is the title font with the image removed. ALL THE FEELS.

This isn’t the cover, but it is the title with the image removed. ALL THE FEELS.

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14 Comments on “Inspired by cover art”

  1. sugaropal says:

    Cover art is HUGELY important to me (former art college student and all). I really think it can make or break a book too. That’s great that you have expert help and have found a look that you love.

  2. Kate Frost says:

    Cover art is such an important part of a book as most of the time it’s what initially draws us to the book in the first place. It’s great that you’ve got artistic friends who’s skills you can use and who will also tell you the truth when something’s not working (knowing the truth is invaluable). I’ve just finished the cover for my novel and its so exciting seeing it all finally coming together.

  3. Stacey Nash says:

    I think the cover is an important part of the book. A good cover can show the character’s personality, tone of the book, and the genre. It’s great that you have a cover to provide inspiration. I can’t wait to read Isla’s Inheritance one day, no matter which route it takes.

  4. karenleehallam says:

    Hi. Cassandra. I’ll be very interested in hearing how you’re alternative path to publication goes. All the best of luck & joy with it.

  5. caroleremy says:

    Nice! I know what you mean about being inspired by an image. A friend made a badge for my free book on Amazon this week, and it makes me smile inside every time I see it. The title and fonts on your cover are perfect! Can’t wait to see the whole image!


  6. christineallenriley says:

    I do love good cover art. It obviously doesn’t help a bad book, but it definitely enhances a good one! Wishing you the best of luck with Isla, and I can’t wait til it’s time for your cover reveal! 🙂

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