Book covers: a feast for the eyes

Since I joined Pinterest I’ve been thinking about book covers. Well, I’ve been thinking about them on and off since I started shopping Isla’s Inheritance, but now I’m really looking at them. I created a board for my favourite book covers and am slowly filling it with covers I love. In quite a few cases I haven’t even read the book in question!

And while I know you can’t judge a book by its cover (as this book proves), there’s no doubt that it can catch the eye and make you want to know more.

Two of my current favourites are Archon and Stormdancer, both of which I shared a couple of posts ago. But here are a few others.

Jacqueline Carey has been blessed by some amazing cover art in her career, and I found it really hard to choose just one. But here is the cover of Naamah’s Kiss. Just gorgeous. I love that it’s so real, sexy but classy. And the subtle inclusion of the Chinese dragon on her shirt is very appropriate to the series.

Naamah's Kiss

This is Flutter by Melissa Andrea, and it’s one of the ones I haven’t even read. It’s the scales that really make this pop for me.


And Fallen by Lauren Kate. I’m starting to think I just love covers with gorgeous girls on them. Or maybe that’s just what the books I read usually have on them. :p


One that’s more abstract but still gorgeous is the cover of Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig. Birds are the recurring theme in this book (although it’s not about them in any way), and the way they flow into and are part of the girl, making her look like she’s flying apart, is very appropriate given the main character, Miriam, and her curse.


And just to prove that covers I like don’t always have to have girls in them, here’s the cover of Fall For Me by K.A. Last. I love the simplicity of the feathers. And that last red one really captures the idea of fallen angels without being overt.

Fall For Me

What are your favourite book covers? Post with links so I can admire them!

4 Comments on “Book covers: a feast for the eyes”

  1. Stacey Nash says:

    I know I always talk about Cassie Clare, but her latest cover is gorgeous.

    • You’re right, that one is amazing! I wasn’t such a fan of the other ones I’d seen. I think maybe it’s the fact they cut off the person’s head in most of them! :O

  2. sindah says:

    All of Kristin Cashore’s covers are great (both versions), much like the books themselves. I loved the cover we had for Storm Dancer here too which you probably already know. I suppose it depends on what you want it to say about your book too. I know you aren’t supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but a great cover catches the attention, so it’s a bit hard. I’ve never been disappointed by a book that I’ve loved the cover on, (yet…)

    • I have the Graceling cover (the one with the girl) on my Pinterest board already. 🙂 I have read that but not the prequel. And I do love the other Stormdancer cover too, although I think I prefer the red one by a tiny bit. So hard to decide!

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