My next project

Now I’ve finished Book Two (the as-yet-unnamed sequel to “Isla’s Inheritance”) I’ve decided to write something different. I do intend to also write Book Three—the series was always envisaged as a trilogy—but, for several reasons I won’t bore you with, I thought a break might be a good idea.

My dilemma is I have two different story ideas.

One is a fantasy novel. I have the main characters, most of a plot, and the beginnings of a setting. I also have the resources available to research the rest of the setting. I think it could be awesome.

The other is an urban fantasy. I only have the main character. It’s a cool concept, and one that isn’t too overdone (I think! Or hope!). The plot would make or break the idea.

Common sense is telling me to write the fantasy novel, purely because it’s more developed. But urban fantasy is my favourite genre. And I am terrified of complex world-building. I’ve never done it before, and you can’t write a fantasy novel without it.

Terrified, I say!

I’m leaning toward the fantasy novel because it scares me more, and maybe that’s a good thing. I should challenge myself and not chicken out and write something similar to the two books I’ve done so far.

If you have any thoughts I’d be grateful, but this post is really a whinge because I hear that’s what blogs are for. 😉


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7 Comments on “My next project”

  1. Stacey Nash says:

    Ohh, decisions decisions. I say go with your gut. World building isn’t difficult just time consuming, you have to put a lot of thought in before you start writing. At least that’s what I have experienced with my High Fantasy v’s my Urban Sci-Fi.

    • It turns out my boyfriend’s mother used to teach ancient history, so he has ALL of the books on the culture that inspired me. I just need to spend the time on nutting out the details. But given the other book doesn’t actually have a plot or anything, that’d be time-consuming too.

  2. Sindah says:

    Terrifying is a good thing when it comes to writing. Push your limits and get out of your comfort zone, it’s the way good authors are born! Maybe start with the fantasy and work out the plot for the other while you do it. That way you have something to work on once the other is done. And besides, it shows versatility!

    • I’ve created a file and made notes for the UF idea – I can add to them as anything comes to me, so you’re right. It’s just that it takes me so long to write anything the idea of choosing the wrong project and “wasting” the better part of a year scares me. Which is silly, because it’s all a learning process.

      • Sindah says:

        You’re right, all writing is a learning process, therefore anything you do isn’t going to be a waste of time, you may even end up with 2 books in the same time period – bonus!

  3. Stephanie @ Read in a Single Sitting says:

    I say go with your gut, and don’t be afraid to try something new. A writer should always be reaching to expand her skills and step out of her comfort zone. 🙂

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