Editing to music

I don’t write to music much (unless I need it to block out some other, more annoying sound — like my son watching kids TV). Usually it’s about the silence for me.

But I can edit to music. This song is what has gotten me through NaNoEditMo. Well, this and the rest of the Perfect Tripod album it’s from.

Shared for your aural enjoyment. (Also, I have a MASSIVE geek crush on Scod, the guy on the far right with the glasses. This is one reason I can’t write romance — most romance readers seem to prefer beefcake. I don’t do beefcake.)

Musical inspiration: Tripod vs the Dragon

Tortured bad guy inspiration. This. Watch it.

It’s from a (mostly) comedy DVD called Tripod vs the Dragon. I’ll give you one guess which one she’s playing.

(Note: there are two copies of this on YouTube — I’ve linked this one because it’s better quality but if you are watching this with small people around or the f-bomb bothers you, don’t watch the last two seconds of the clip. The song is safe though.)

I was made in darkest night
Of chalky ash and children’s fright
I do not think you know what you behold
I was made of aching hurt
Of fairy tales and bloody dirt
I hope you do exactly as you’re told

Siegfried and Saint George
Potter, Baggins, Beowulf
Were tempered in my forge
So I say to you and yours

All caught fire in the ivory tower
In the marble arches
In the dust and darkness
And I have you on my mind

Once a mighty tree was grown
For you to know all that is known
I hope you hear exactly what I say
And by your sword a branch came down
And where the blood fell to the ground
It is my cradle and there I must stay

And should ever you return
Well I must confess my story to be true
You will be burned
And I hope that you have learned:

All caught fire in the ivory tower
In the marble arches
In the dust and darkness
And all caught fire in the ivory tower
And I have you on my mind
You’re on my mind
You’re on my mind

I could watch this on repeat all day, if only YouTube had a repeat function. (Someone get onto that, will you?) I have the DVD too, but that’s less convenient. :p