Call for nominations: best romance

Aussie_Vday Pink

Last Valentine’s Day over at Aussie Owned and Read we had the Choose Your Favourite Couple competition. (Cassandra Clare’s Clary and Jace won, with Ron and Hermione second.) Those couples were nominated by the members of the Aussie Owned and Read team.

This year we want to do it differently. We want YOU to nominate your favourite romance. Here are the rules:

1. The book must be either young adult or new adult. (No erotica please.)

2. It can be any genre, not just romance.

3. Leave a comment below with the name of the book, the author, and the romantic couple.

4. Despite the competition being at Aussie Owned and Read, neither the author nor the couple need to be Australian. Or even human. We don’t judge!

Nominations close on 7 February.

Easy, right? Aaaand GO!