My 2014 Goodreads challenge wrap up

This year I really embraced the reading challenges (both the Goodreads and the Australian Women Writers one) and you can really tell. Last year I read 40 books, whereas this year I read 61 — excluding picture books. Originally my goal was to read 40, but when I got there I discovered I’d read 12 novellas or childrens books. So I increased it to 52, figuring that way I’d get at least 40 full-length novels.

Here are my reads as I write this (from most recent to least recent). I haven’t counted books I wrote, even though I’ve read three of those this year, plus a novella. 😉

A few observations:

  • Roald Dahl (13%) and Kevin Hearne (also 13%) were a feature. Both were writers I listened to on audiobook, the former with my son in the car, the latter not so much. :p
  • Female writers were heavily represented at 59% of my reads, which I’m really happy with. Eleven of those, or 18%, were Australian.
  • Eight (also 13%) of the books I read were self-published.
  • There were four novellas (6%), nine childrens books (15%), and one non-fiction, which means I read forty-seven full-length novels. Win!

I think I’ll aim for 40 full-length novels again next year and see how I go!


3 Comments on “My 2014 Goodreads challenge wrap up”

  1. Stacey Nash says:

    What a great list! Our reading years were quite similar and many that I haven’t read are on the TBR for 2015. 🙂

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