The Harry Potter book tag

This book tag was invented by the very clever Emily over at The Loony Teen Writer. I thought it was a fun idea so I’m joining in!

Luna Lovegood – a book you’ve read that’s really weird.


The Eyre Affair






I quite liked The Eyre Affair, but there’s no doubt that it has a very unusual premise — if a criminal is able to modify an original work of art, they will modify all of the copies. This results in literary gangs and police investigators. I suppose you could categorise this as sci-fi, although it’s more alternate world speculative fiction than anything else.

Dolores Umbridge – a book with a really nice cover that you disliked.


Red Riding Hood






Red Riding Hood was a three-star read for me (I didn’t like the main love interest) until the final chapter. In order to maintain the suspense, the publisher DECLINED TO PRINT THE LAST CHAPTER in the book. I think it was because the book came out before the movie, so they didn’t want to spoil it. Instead, where the last chapter should’ve been was a URL and an invitation to finish reading the story online.

I threw the book out in disgust.

Fred and George Weasley – a book that made you laugh.

Fred and George






The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is the first hysterically funny book I remember reading as a teenager, and the whole series will always stay with me for that reason. (I read the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett later and always thought of them as “Hitchhikers with a fantasy setting”, because they both have that wonderful sense of the absurd.

Hermione Granger – a book that makes you feel smart for having read it.








The King Must Die is the story of Theseus, prince of Athens, and the fall of Crete. It reads like historical, literary fiction, which made me feel like it was making my brain bigger — a feeling I usually object to in a book. 😉 I loved the beautiful descriptions and the way that it was up to the reader to interpret whether the voice of Poseidon that Theseus hears is truly some sort of divinity, or perhaps his own madness or conscience.

Sybill Trelawney – a book you haven’t read yet (or hasn’t been released) that you just KNOW you’re going to love.

Sybill Trelawney







Endsinger is the third and final book in The Lotus War trilogy by Aussie writer Jay Kristoff. I’m super-excited about this one, you guys — although I’m bracing myself to be punched in the feels. Still, it will be worth it!

Severus Snape – a book that has mixed reviews, that you either really enjoyed or really disliked.








I really wanted to like Switched but I came down on the “nope” side of the mixed reviews. Wendy, the main character, is incredibly self-centred and rather dense — the later, I suspect, was a  device to stop her from asking all the obvious questions so the author could string out the plot revelations. The supernaturals (trolls) had such potential but turned out to be vegan cookoos with bad hair. This book was definitely Not For Me (TM).

Harry Potter – a book from your childhood

Harry Potter







The Stone Cage is a book I read when I was about 11, and then again at 17 and in my 20s. I loved it each time. The story tackles the Rupunzel myth, as told from the perspective of the witch’s familiar, a cat. It took a lot of effort to track down but I finally got my own copy. I luff it. :3

What books would you nominate in these categories?

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  1. I LOVE Hitchhiker’s! I read the first two and couldn’t find the rest at my library though. And I came across The Stone Cage when I was researching retellings for school – hopefully I can find a copy because it looks awesome.

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