Seven authors by whom I’ve only read one book and NEED more


It’s been a little while since I did Top Ten Tuesday, but this week’s topic really appealed: the top authors who I’ve only read one book by, but who I need to read more from! So here goes. I’m listen these authors in alphabetical order by surname. Don’t ask me to choose between them. (Also, it’s no coincidence that most of these are books I’ve read this year; authors who’ve been publishing for longer who I read earlier are ones I have almost always read several books from by now!)

Behind the ScenesAuthor: Dahlia Adler
Book I’ve Read: Behind the Scenes, which I reviewed here. I’m devastated I have to wait another nine months for the sequel.

In Stone_newAuthor: Louise D. Gornall
Book I’ve Read: In Stone, which I reviewed here. I loved this book and I’ve been waiting for the sequel to come out for pretty much EVER. Well, since this time last year. Unfortunately, this book was a casualty of the press which shall not be named, so… 😦

The Fault In Our StarsAuthor: John Green
Book I’ve Read: The Fault in Our Stars, which I reviewed here. I actually picked up An Abundance of Katherines on the weekend; I just need to find the time to read it. And about 100 other books!

"Sleeper" by S. M. Johnston

Author: S. M. Johnston
Book I’ve Read: Sleeper, which I reviewed here. Another casualty of the press that collapsed earlier this year, so I’m very impatiently waiting for Johnston to re-release this and then the sequel.

The Song of AchillesAuthor: Madeline Miller
Book I’ve Read: Song of Achilles, a gorgeously written retelling of Achilles story and the Trojan War. I’m posting a review of this one on Thursday, you guys.

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Author: Stacey Nash
Book I’ve Read: Forget Me Not, which I reviewed here. (Note: I’m kind of cheating here, because I’ve also read one of Stacey’s unpublished manuscripts.) Happily, the sequel comes out next month. Cartwheels!

Raven BoysAuthor: Maggie Stiefvater
Book I’ve Read: The Raven Boys, which I reviewed here. I have ordered the next book in the series; I’m just waiting for it to arrive.

What about you? What authors have wowed you with one book but you’ve been unable — for one reason or another — to read another of their books?



5 Comments on “Seven authors by whom I’ve only read one book and NEED more”

  1. Stacey Nash says:

    Great list and wow. I’m honoured to be included. I am also impatiently waiting for a sequel to In Stone!

  2. I read Looking for Alaska after reading TFIOS, and really loved it. I’m a little nervous of trying more of John Green’s books though, because I don’t want to tire of him!

  3. I’ve only read one book by John Green and that was Looking For Alaska, not sure if I want to read The Fault in Our Stars but want to read another sometime soon.
    Here’s my TTT post
    Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

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