This Writer’s Space: Jen Streck

This Writer's Space

Today on This Writer’s Space I have Jen Streck, half of the team at The Dragon Blog. Take it away, Jen! 🙂

Where I Write

In reality, I write almost anywhere – planes, hotels, football practice, sitting in my car in a parking lot, the list could go on for some time. That being said, my home office is one the places I love to write. Early in the morning, over lunch, or in the evenings when I can manage to hide for a while after work, this is my space.

When I’m here, I have all the staples. I use Scrivener for writing, and usually have it set with a split screen for the current scene plus whatever character picture is relevant for the scene I’m writing. In this example it is Dylan, the hero in my contemporary romance, dream cast as Tom Hiddleston. The other staple is the Google Hangouts window with my sister, Mel. She is there as my ever present source of miscellaneous feedback, random chatting, and anything else I might need

Aside from the computer, there is the ever present Psychocat prepared to shred me to pieces, the Diet Sunkist to keep me awake, the notebook and pen for random notes, and Peep and Gumby (their twins reside with Mel).


Where I’m Inspired

It was hard to narrow this topic down to one thing. I have a writing playlist that provides a great source of inspiration; however, one of the places I’m often able to work through scenes or ideas is out on a walk with my dog. Sometimes when I’m stuck the best thing I can do is throw on my headphones with the aforementioned playlist, grab the dog, and head out the door. The fresh air and limited interruptions do wonders for my thought process. On a similar note, on days I commute into the office I’m almost always thinking through pieces of the story.


To Be Read

My TBR list is always a mile long. Since I read mostly ebooks these days, my Goodreads list is the best representation. Sometimes I think for every book I read I’m adding two more to the list. This is compounded by the fact that I write the Psychocat Reads Book Reviews for the Dragon Blog. I suppose the upside of writing the reviews is that I have a justifiable reason why I must make time to read. 🙂

Currently I’m reading We Own the Night by Kristen Strassel, though by the time this post goes live there’s no telling which book I’ll be reading.


About Jen

Jen spends her days stuck in corporate captivity, but devotes a good portion of her free time to reading, writing book reviews, and ever so slowly writing a contemporary romance novel. She is one half of the Sassy Sisters on Fire (yes they are actually sisters) at The Dragon Blog, where she and Mel manage to get into all matters of mischief.

You can find Jen on Twitter (@jlstreck), Pinterest (Check out writing inspiration boards, fandom boards, and cool fun stuff here.), and prowling around The Dragon Blog (

Jen Streck

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  1. Rachel Schieffelbein says:

    I love Peep and Gumby! So cute. 🙂
    Excited for all the upcoming Psychocat reviews!

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