Interview: Vincent Morrone, YA and NA author

In case you missed it, last Tuesday I interviewed Vincent Morrone over at Aussie Owned and Read.

Aussie Writers

With me today is Vincent Morrone author of young and new adult fiction (including an urban fantasy, which everyone who knows me will be aware is my favourite and my best).Welcome, Vincent!

Your two books are a contemporary new adult, Just Breathe, and an urban fantasy young adult, Vision of Shadows. What drew you to these different genres? Do you have a favourite? (Genre to write, that is; I’m not asking you to choose between your book babies. You know, unless you want to.)

Vincent Morrone Author Pic Vincent Morrone

It’s not as much the genre as it is the story of each. I like romance, but to me there has to be more than straightforward romance. I need there to be a paranormal aspect or a killer on the loose or something else going on.

I’m also a fan of characters and both Vision of Shadows and Just Breathe have…

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