Achievement unlocked: Australian Women Writers Challenge 2014


This year I decided to do the Australian Women Writers Challenge, aiming for the Miles level of achievement: to read six books by Australian women and review at least four. I’ve actually read and reviewed six seven (I just discovered I hadn’t registered one), because YAY!

The next level up is the Franklin: read 10, review six. Obviously I’ve got the reviews covered, and there are at least three more by Australian women on my to-be-read pile, so I might get there. We’ll see.

Here are the seven books I’ve read and reviewed:

If you’re wondering, why do we need an Australian Women Writers Challenge in the first place, I’d suggest checking out the background to the challenge here.

"Sleeper" by S. M. Johnston











The Problem With CrazyKALast_Immagica_CoverRevealFinal











Kita: Mother of a King













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