Interview: Paula Weston, urban fantasy author

On Tuesday at Aussie Owned and Read, I interviewed Paula Weston, author of “Shadow” and “Haze” – the first two awesome books in a an urban fantasy about angels in Australia. What is not to like about this?!

Aussie Writers

Back in February last year, Kim posted about upcoming Aussie releases in 2013. It drew my attention to an Aussie urban fantasy author I hadn’t previously encountered, Paula Weston. Since then I’ve read her first two books, Shadows and Haze –which I LOVED–and I’ve preordered the next one, Shimmer , which comes out in July.

All of this is a round about way to tell you that I’m as happy as my puppy when he sees his lead, because I got to interview the fabulous Paula.

*leaps into the air*

*straighens clothes and pretends to be professional*


Although the story in Shadows—and more so in Haze—takes the characters all around the world, Australia features heavily as a destination. A lot of Australian spec fic writers shy away from setting their stories here. Did you ever consider setting the books overseas?

When I started writing Shadows, it was…

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