A couple of things: PitchSlam and bookends

Just a quick note to let you know of two other places you can find me, or at least my various thought bubbles.

Today over at Aussie Owned and Read, I’m looking at bookends. You know, the things you use to stop your books from falling over if you don’t already have so many that there’s nowhere for them to go? Those.

Also, in the past few days I was a Pitch Slam finalist. I got some awesome feedback on my pitch and first 250 words during the “audition” rounds and was then chosen to be part of Team Stray Tats. I have a stray tat (or a tat of a cat that may be stray — haha, I rhymed), so that seemed appropriate. You can see my pitch here.

I got one request too. *plays air guitar* Thanks to Lucas for having enough faith in me to put me on the team. 🙂

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