Easter NestPitch Hunt is now on

NestPitch’s agent round is now on!

Aboriginal BilbyThe Slush Bilbies (including yours truly) have sorted through the entries to help the Nest Bloggers whittle down the entries. The top seventy-two entries have made it through and are waiting for agents to hop on by to make requests.

Now that the finalists have been revealed, I thought it’d be fun to flag which of them I consider to be part of Team Cass — the ones I put forward to the Nest Bloggers. They are in order by age bracket.

1. Who Do You Love the Most? (Picture book)

2. The Discarded (YA sci-fi)

3. The Theory of Everything (YA fantasy/steampunk)

4. Coveted (YA urban fantasy)

5. Reverse Cascade (YA contemporary)

6. Helica (NA sci-fi)

7. Captain (Adult historical)

8. Hair of the Dog (Adult urban fantasy)

9. Why Knot? (Adult women’s fiction)

10. Circle of Fur (Adult women’s fiction)

Excitingly, I see a few requests in there already too!

If you know anything about me, you’ll know I don’t read women’s fiction and rarely read historical or contempoary. But I know good writing when I see it. 😉

Please remember that until the agents have finished making their selections, comments are for agents only. If you want to cheer on your favourite prior to then, you can do it in the comments of the main post on each Nest Blogger’s blog, not the individual entry posts. Or, you know, here.

To find out more about the Nest Pitch Easter Pitch Hunt go here, and the Rules and Conditions here. You can find the full schedule here and the participating agents here.

Good luck to everyone who has made it this far. May your nest be filled with lots of chocolatey requests.

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