A day in the life of Cassandra Page…

During the From Australia With Love blog hop, one of the authors I hosted did a little questionnaire called A Day in the Life of Lisa Swallow. Here’s my yesterday. Where’s yours?

Today is: Thursday

I woke up at: 6am when my son “tiptoed” into my room like a baby elephant.

What I ate for breakfast: Cereal

Most interesting thing I did today: My boyfriend and I went to a musical comedy show—he got me the tickets for Christmas. It was see an Australian group that was big here in the 80s and 90s, the Doug Anthony Allstars. Very awesome show—funny, nostalgic and poignant. One of the members of the team, Tim Ferguson, has MS and was in a wheelchair. He made more wheelchair jokes than the other two put together.



Least interesting thing I did today: I compiled some stats. The OCD part of me doesn’t mind that too much, actually, but interesting? Not really.

No one knows…: I’m not scared of mice, but when I was seventeen I jumped on a chair when I saw a cockroach run across a floor. If I’d been wearing a big dress with petticoats I would’ve been a 19th century stereotype. (In my defence, this was a giant New England cockroach. I swear it was the size of my hand!)

My pets are: Two Cairn Terriers, a mother-and-son crime-fighting duo named Chilli and Leo.

When I’m bored, I tend to: Fiddle with my hair.

For lunch, I had: Fruit cake! (We had a morning tea at work and there were leftovers. Oops.)

My current mood is: Annoyed at this stupid cough that won’t go away.

I worked on/for: When I was in my late teens and early 20s I was a nightfiller at Big W, one of the big department stores here.

My biggest pet peeve is: Right now I’d have to say computer programs that don’t work properly. But on other days, I’d tell you it was politicians not giving straight answers to questions. Or incorrectly used apostrophes. I have many peeves.

When I drive, people think: Bloody Canberra driver

I get easily distracted by: Words. If I start reading something (even if it’s inane Facebook status updates) I tend to tune out the rest of the world.

Dinner was: Chinese takeaway

My favourite movie so far this year: The only one I’ve seen is Frozen (that’s the life of a parent) so let’s go with that. I did like it though.

In my spare time, I like to: Read. Write. Cuddle my son. Play Minecraft (sometimes while cuddling my son).

When I need to get into the writing mood, and I’m struggling to, I: Trawl Twitter seeing if anyone is doing writing sprints. Those things are GREAT motivators. Check out the #writeclub hashtag on a Friday night.

I decided to be an author becauseWell, once I’d written the book it seemed like a better idea than doing nothing with it!

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