This Writer’s Space: a new blog series

This Writer's Space

Today I’m launching a new weekly blog series, where I ask writers (published or unpublished) to show us photos of three things: where they write, where they are inspired, and their to-be-read pile—with a few words on each, and including an author biography and any links they want to include.

The reason for the idea is simple; I’m a self-confessed stickybeak. And here’s an example—my writer’s space!

Where I Write

Where I Write

I promised myself that, when I downsized my house last year, the one thing I’d get myself would be a proper study. Our new townhouse is two storeys, which gives me the advantage of being on a different floor to the television! (Yes, I did clean up some old receipts and things before I took the photo.) Having two monitors feels decidedly decadent. Theoretically it’s so I can have a reference page such as wiki up while I’m drafting but, let’s be honest, that right-hand monitor is usually home to Twitter.

The most important things in this photo other than the PC (and photos of my son) are that little red notebook, where I write ideas and sometimes scenes, and the notepad beside it, where I keep track of scheduled blog posts.

Where I’m Inspired

Where I'm Inspired

A more honest photo would be of my shower, but ain’t nobody needs to see that! Besides, I love my bathroom. I find the drumming of warm water on my head helps my mind to drift, and tackle any problems at hand. No wonder my water bill is so high… 😉

To Be Read

To Be Read

This photo hasn’t changed much since the last time I took a photo of these shelves. Except now my Kindle is front and centre, because the next few books I plan on reading (Immagica by K.A. Last, The Problem With Crazy by Lauren McKellar and Gifted by Ingrid Alexandra) and my current read (Forget Me Not by Stacey Nash) are all on there. How very 21st century of me!

I haven’t included a bio of me because it feels a little weird given this is my blog… But hopefully you get the idea. It’s not meant to be massively onerous—although if you want to write half a page on each photo, feel free!

If you’re interested in taking part, drop me an email at cassandrapage01[at]gmail[dot]com.

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