Ten books that have touched me

Stacey tagged me in one of those Facebook status games where you have to list ten books that have touched you in one way or another. The rules say not to overthink it, but since in my case I’m pretty sure that’s a genetic impossibility, I thought I’d post the list here, with some of my thoughts.

StoneCage1. “The Stone Cage” by Nicholas Stuart Gray

This is a Rapunzel retelling from the perspective of the witch’s cat. I read it when I was about 11, and then again at 17, and then again in my late 20s – and I loved it every time.

I think I’m due to re-read it again. 🙂

2. “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams

All of the laughs. ALL OF THEM! (I could add Terry Pratchett to the list for the same reason, but I read Adams first.)

3. “All the Weyrs of Pern” by Anne McCaffrey

“The Dragonriders of Pern” was my first fantasy series, and will always remain my favourite. It’s hard to choose one book, but it has to be either this one (I had SUCH a crush on Masterharper Robinton) or “Dragonquest” (for the mating flight scene).

Magic's Pawn4. “Magic’s Pawn” by Mercedes Lackey

As with Dragonriders, I loved all the Valdemar books. But Vanyel was my first and my favourite. It’s also the first series I ever read with a gay main character.

5. “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkein

I had an illustrated edition as a child, and read it SO MANY TIMES. In fact, I still have that same copy. I’m looking forward to sharing it with my son.

6. “It” by Stephen King


MCL7. “The Many-Coloured Land” by Julian May

This (and the rest of “The Saga of the Exiles”) is one of the few scifi series that I love. The way the past and the future have been woven together is so clever – and I loved Aiken Drum. Not as much as Masterharper Robinton, but, you know, a lot.

8. “The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I’m not much of a fan of the last book in the trilogy, but I loved the first two. I couldn’t put them down.

9. “Interview with the Vampire” by Anne Rice

The early books about Louis and Lestat were my formative vampire fiction. To me, the series jumped the shark a little later on, but these books were where my first love of vampires was born. (Buffy was my second love.)

10. “Stormdancer” by Jay Kristoff

My first Steampunk experience was only last year, and I LOVE IT!

3 Comments on “Ten books that have touched me”

  1. LyudmylaM says:

    I’ve never heard of The Stone Cage. Off to add it to my Goodreads list. 🙂

  2. Julie Israel says:

    Awesome idea, and fabulous list!

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