Inspired by others’ successes


I didn’t think I would be participating in Thursday’s Children this week, because I had so much scheduled for the blog: cover launches, new release blog tours and giveaways. But it occurred to me that the very reason for all these posts was actually a source of inspiration to me, and that maybe I should share it for anyone else who is struggling right now.

The fact is I get a huge buzz from the successes of other authors—especially my friends, obviously, but also people I follow but am not even that close to on Twitter.

In the past couple of weeks one person in the writing community on Twitter got a three-book deal. Another got an agent. Two others have launched their books, while two have revealed covers for their books. And I know of someone who has had a contract offer and is considering it now (and no, I won’t say who it is—I don’t want to steal their thunder).

I don’t know if there’s something in the water in Publishing Land at the moment to make all these awesome events occur at once, or whether it’s because my circle of writerly folks on Twitter has expanded to the point where I’m just hearing more news. It could be a little of both. But I LOVE IT!

I’m not saying a tiny part of me isn’t jealous—but it’s not the kind of spiteful jealousy that makes me resent the successful people. It’s not the kind that eats at my heart, or even brings me down a little. It’s more of an “oh, that must be nice!” reaction, which is completely overridden by the happiness I feel for these people.

At the end of the day, we’re not all competing for one job; there are a lot of publishers and agents out there, and just because someone else gets picked up for something, that doesn’t reduce the size of the pie for the rest of us. (Mmm, pie…) It’s also a good indication publishing is thriving despite all the changes to the industry, which has to be good news for all of us.

Also, I’ve had UB40’s cover of Kingston Town stuck in my head since I heard it on the radio on Tuesday, and who could be gloomy with such a cute little reggae tune playing? (Given the peppy nature of this post, maybe Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin would be more appropriate, but my brain isn’t listening.) 

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9 Comments on “Inspired by others’ successes”

  1. Wonderful post, Cassandra and very well said. It’s true that there’s opportunity out there for everyone and the best thing to do is celebrate these successes along the way.

  2. sugaropal says:

    You’re absolutely right, others successes do not diminish the pie in any real way. Look how Twilight made the pie even bigger for instance 😉 Glad you were able to squeeze TC in this week!

  3. Kate Frost says:

    It’s so very true that other writers’ successes just fuels us and inspires us because anything is possible. There’s lots of talent out there. 🙂

  4. folioroad says:

    Another person on this hop was inspired by the successes of others this week, and it made me realize (again) what a lovely, tight-knit, and supportive community we are. Truly amazing. Great post.

    • I saw that other post after I’d put mine up (otherwise I might have just linked to theirs! 😉 ). I love that two of us had the same idea, though. It’s been an incredible week.

  5. kiperoo says:

    Awesome! Loved that there were two #ThursdaysChildren posts on this topic. I agree that others’ successes are hugely inspiring. What a great week it’s been for that!

  6. Mia Celeste says:

    Since I first heard the Cinderella story I’ve been into those kinds of stories–stories where the hard-working person suddenly finds success or a prince or both. I love hearing about other writers doing well. If it happens for them, it can happen for me, too. And I’ll have awesome novels to read while I’m waiting.

  7. Pat Esden says:

    Celebrating all the excitement makes the wait more exciting as well. Dreams are possible!

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