Choosing Your Publishing Path (Reblog)

This is a great blog post by Dahlia Adler about the different forms of publishing (traditional, small press and independent) and the pros and cons of each. It’s a good place to start if you’ve written a manuscript and you’re trying to decide what next.

I’d love to be able to write such a post myself rather than reblogging someone else’s, but at the moment my experience of the process just doesn’t extend that far. So I hope you’ll forgive me for referring you to someone else’s work. :p

The Daily Dahlia

I’d really like someone to tell me to my face that publishing is dying, because I haven’t laughed in someone’s face in a really long time, and I miss that feeling. To think publishing is dying is to be walking around with your eyes closed, to have failed to stop the Q-tip when it met resistance. Publishing is evolving, changing, and in many ways, even growing. And as a result, we have some lovely and scary things called choices.

It used to be that there were really big houses, and then less big houses, and that was kind of it. Sure, you could go with a vanity press if you had serious money to burn and either true belief no one would know the difference or apathy whether anyone would, but none of those books ever ended up on my shelf. (Or on my ereader, because they didn’t exist! That’s…

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