An Ode to a Semicolon

I said yesterday I’d written a poem about semicolons once. It was called “An Ode to a Semicolon”, and I wrote it back in my crazy university days. I was such a party animal.

Unfortunately the original version has been lost to the dusts of time, but I’ve had a go at recreating it (the second verse is new) for your reading pleasure.

And so you can all mock me. 😉

Little punctuation mark,
Seldom ever used,
Rarely used correctly,
Oftenest abused.

Paired up with a bracket,
You’re a winking face,
But as a punctuation mark
You’re losing your place.

Sometimes you’re like a comma,
To break up complex lists—
The use of semicolons
Oftentimes assists.

Sometimes, you’re like a full stop
But gentler than he
Oh, little semicolon,
You have a friend in me!

Edit: If you want a proper description of how to use a semicolon, I’ve written one here.


3 Comments on “An Ode to a Semicolon”

  1. Craig Lawrie says:

    Ironic that there is no semicolon in that poem…

  2. […] been directed to my site via the search “how do I use a semicolon”. Presumably Google thought my poem about semicolons contained some jolly good advice. Which it does. But for any future random […]

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