I wrote a stunt letter…

I said a fortnight ago that I wasn’t willing to share my query letter because I wasn’t confident that it was actually going to provide a good template, given its lack of success to date.

I forgot that the divine Agent Sydney had offered to do query crits last year, and that I’d sent mine in on a whim. So, um, you can read my query letter as it stood back then, and her feedback on it, here. She said nice things, which was sweet of her.

Except my Jedi mind trick in the last paragraph—this is not the lack of publishing credits you’re looking for—didn’t work. I guess I’d better deal with that. :p

I’ve actually changed the query quite a bit since I sent it to Agent Sydney, tightening it up even further (I hope!). Queries evolve. Like amoebas.

(Also, the word count on the manuscript is now down to about 76k. I’m an editing machine.)

At the risk of this sounding like an Oscar speech, especially since I haven’t won anything, I need to give big ups to Lori, Stacey L, Stacey N, Lauren and Katie for helping me with the query at different times. 😀

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