My new year’s resolutions…

I don’t usually do these things. Resolutions, I mean. But I’ve decided this year that I will – so here, blogosphere, are my declarations of intent for 2013:

1. By the end of the year, I will have either found an agent or publisher, or will look at indie publishing routes for Isla’s Inheritance and its sequel.

2. I will finish writing another novel. (I’d aim for two but, let’s be honest, I don’t have that much spare time!)

3. I will edit my second book and see if I can find some beta readers for it, so it’s ready to go.

4. I will stop being a cagey, secretive writer with people I know personally. I may be a wannabe published author but, with two novels completed, I can probably say I’m a writer, at least. :p

5. I will get more exercise. I will use the gym at work: it’s free and I really have no excuse.

Do you do the new year’s resolution thing? If so, what are yours?

Edit: Number four: check! I outed myself on Facebook to all and sundry today. Now if only the others come so easily. 😉

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