Goodreads is nagging me

Goodreads* is nagging me.

I set a rather ambitious goal for the amount of books I’d read in 2013, because last year I didn’t read that many books, and I felt bad, like my brain was a pot plant I’d left on the windowsill to wilt in the sun for lack of water.

My goal is forty books—and okay, that may not be ambitious to a lot of people, but for me that’s a lot more reading than I have time for. One book every week and a bit. Goodreads tells me I’m two books behind. I’m about halfway through two different novels that I’m quite enjoying: Keir by Pippa Jay and Quite Contrary by Richard Roberts. If I spent all of today and tomorrow reading both of them then I’d catch up, but I also want to get some writing done.

Not to mention the fact I’ve got a little boy to keep entertained and housework to do. Sigh. (I know: wah, right?)

I’ve considered getting some audiobooks so at least I can “read” in the car on the commute to and from work. That’s one thing I miss about not being able to use public transport anymore—I loved my reading time on the bus to uni and back. The only thing is that I’ve got a TBR pile that’s about fifty books deep. These are almost all paperbacks I’ve already paid for, and I hate the idea of having to buy the book again to listen to it.

Bring on the day when I can hand my smart phone a novel and it will read it for me. Maybe in David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor accent.

My 2013 reads thus far

My 2013 reads thus far

How many books do you read in a year? Do you struggle to read as much as you’d like?

* No, I don’t have a Goodreads account linked to this profile. That’s because it’s on my personal account; I haven’t set up an author account yet. I will, when I get around to it. One day. Hey, I have lots of other social media!